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 Dear Dave (and other petromyzontophiles):

          "Does anyone know about the care of the American Brook
          Lamprey (food, water conditions, etc.)?"

               NANFA member John Brill (Livingstone, NJ) has
          frequently kept brook lamprey in home aquaria.  John also
          has bred the critters too.  I am sure that John would be a
          great source of information and advice.  I am in Portland
          and away from my NANFA directory, so would someone please
          give Dave John's mailing address?  Thanks.


Dave, I got the above response to your inquiry on the NANFA mailing list. 
You might consider contacting Dan yourself 

Dan Logan:  dan.logan at noaa_gov

Sincerely, Norm Edelen

Oh, yes.  NANFA stands for the North American Native Fishes Association. 
This club deals only in natives, and has many members who are breeding and
keeping some unusual natives.
Dan can give you more info if you wish.