Instructions for Fishroom.

Instructions for Fishroom -- If you are an AOLer, you have to goto KW:
Telnet, find one of the applications for telnetting available that are for
use with AOL, and download them.  Then you follow these instructions,
otherwise, you must have a telnet, ZMUD, or other such program.  Type into
the GOTO: field (the place where you put in the adress...) kplace.monrou.com,
if port settings go here (depending on application -- see its documentation)
type in 1025 after that.  If you have to select the port elsewhere, set it to
1025.  There is a way to get out from behind a firewall so that you can enter
without the port setting, but I don't know it..... I'll look it up and send
it out later.  You should come up with a screen in a few seconds (after
you've started the application, etc.) saying something to the extent of:
Fishroom (a huge bit of Ascii art made of |'s) and then Login: here you type
in your name, your log name, whatever (JoeShmoe, IH8TROPS, Nativeman,
whatever -- also not that unacceptable names are not allowed, and that this
server is used internationaly) You then fill out the various information it
asks for (Password, gender, E-mail, etc. Please do not put NANF at actwin_com as
your e-mail adress!) After this, you will enter a room called, appropriately,
the entrence.  Now this is where it gets interesting.  In order to talk in
this chatter, you must type in lower case letters the word "say" and then
what you wish to say.  To tell someone something, which means that they and
only they see the text, type tell <sonso> <message> without the <>'s.  So to
tell JLWiegert "Hi!" you type, tell Jlwiegert Hi!.  First, I'd have to be on.
 To see who is on, type who.  To goto a room where someone is, type goto
<name>.  Once again, no <>'s.  After that, you'll get the hang of it.  Also,
note that the people with an * next to their name in the WHO screen are
hosts, specialy put there to help you.  There are many other sources of
information, and I am currently working to have a Native room put into a few
talkers... :-)>
J. L. Wiegert