Re: Native Chat!

>JLWiegert at aol_com wrote:
>> On the Tenth at 9:00 est there will be a chat on anything relating to North
>> American Native Fishes except hook and line type capture.  The chat will take
>> place in the Auditorium of Fishroom.  To get to fishroom, point your Telnet
>> applications to: kplace.monrou.com port 1025.  For those of you who need the
>> IP code, its 1025.  I'll be hosting this chat, and hope to see
>> many of you there!
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>> J. L. Wiegert
>> NANF List Manager
>> E-Mail: JLWiegert at aol_com
>This sounds interesting.  Can you help me or point me in the right
>direction with setting this up so I can take part? I know absolutely
>nothing about Telnet, IP code, chat, etc.

I would also like to hear more aboout how this works. I know a little about
telnet, etc., but I have never experienced this 'chat' thing.

Bob nawrocki