RE: Questions from a beginner

>Will red breastsunfish and/or rock bass coexist with anything else?  All
>individuals that I have tried are very nasty to each other and any other
>species in the tank(75 gal)

If kept in small groups in small aquaria, they will eventually kill any fish
smaller than themselves. One will always dominate and begin terrorizing the

However, a peace fire may be achieved by putting a large number of specimens
of the same size into a large tank (the bigger, the better) with ample nooks
and crannies and hiding spaces, like one sees in many African cichlid tanks.
That way any bullies can spread their aggressive impulses across several
fishes, instead of just one. The size and layout of the tank allows the more
timid fishes to find safe haven. One presumes it is this way in the wild.

I have no hard evidence to support this, but I believe intentional
over-crowding (assuming, of course, the filter can handle the bio-load),
reduces the aggressive impulse. I've seen public aquaria loaded with large
centarchids (and other territorial fishes) who seem to be getting along quite

I would be interested if anyone has had any similar -- or dissimilar --

Baltimore, Maryland