Re: Questions from a beginner

Greensides and sculpins do prefer live foods, as do many wild caught fishes.
 However, a little starving will get them to go to sinking foods.  Stop
feeding them and raise the temperature for three days.  Feed them some
sinking pellet foods.  If they don't eat them, wait a few more days and
repeat it...   Crawfish can be nasty towards fish, especialy bottom dwellers.
 You have two options if you are itnent on keeping them... One is to keep
them well fed... why kill a fish if you can get a steak?  The other, and
better method, is to simply trim their claws off.  They practice autonomy,
which is the shedding of a limb to save the body, as a lizard will shed its
tail.  It doesn't hurt them.  Madtoms can be collected in several methods,
depending on the size you are after.   The easiest way to get big ones is
with a trot line... this is hook and line type fishing, and probably isn't
what you are after.  The way to get smaller ones is to use a minnow trap with
wider holes, a crawdad trap.  Bait it and leave it out overnight.  Check the
legality of this move.
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