Re: Questions from a beginner

DaveCyndy at aol_com wrote:
> 1)Will the greenside darters and sculpins eat anything except   live foods?
>  I have only been able to get them to take, tiny earthworms, black worms,
> brine shrimp, and various nymphs I have caught(tedious).

Tank-raised Iowa Darters will eat flake food if forced but do best on live foods.  Wild 
ones will not eat flake.

> 2)Will a yellow bullhead become aggressive (i.e. eat) toward the smaller fish
> as he gets larger?  Right now about 4"-5" and growing rapidly.

Bullheads eat anything, living or not, that they can get into their mouths.  They will 
also bully their own species in the tank is not very large.

> 3)Will crayfish bother other fish in the tank?  I saw a note somewhere that
> said they will attempt to catch fish during the night.

Don't know.

> 4)Will red breastsunfish and/or rock bass coexist with anything else?  All
> individuals that I have tried are very nasty to each other and any other
> species in the tank(75 gal)

Sunfish are fairly similar to cichlids.  If anything they are nastier in close quarters.

> 5)Any suggestions for catching madtoms?

I believe they live under rocks in swift current and feed at night.  Darter catching 
techniques should work.

Good luck!
-- Carl
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