Web Page.

In one of the usenet groups I came across a web site dealing with North 
American Native Fishes.  I looked at it and it seems to be a commercial 
site in the new phazes... It does have links to other sites, none were 
working while I was there.  It has some information on fishes, as well as 
a catolog of availability for them, which wasn't working.. As I said, its 
newly being made.  The URL is http://www.nafnetwork.com/ .  Again, it 
appears to be a commercial site (I didn't have a chance to really look it 
over...) with some info.  Also, feel free to send messages out!  
Unfortunately, this is a very low yield mailing list.  If you have any 
questions, comments, news from a collecting trip, whatever, send them up 
to NANF at actwin_com.
 J. L. Wiegert
 NANF List Manager
E-Mail: JLWiegert at aol_com
Going to get that <insert profanities of your choice> Web Page working 
one of these days!