Trade and HP project

It has come to my attention that some people would preffer not to recieve
frequent messages regarding the trade of natives.  I certainly can see why
this would be a problem if your more into keeping fish from your region and
happy with that.  So, taking a cue from the Cichlid Room Companion, if you
have any fish for sale or trade, or want a fish, send an E-Mail to me at this
adress.  I will compile these messages into a list and send it out once a
month or as neccessary.  The list I will send out will look something like
Fish for sale:
Species.   Size.  Quanity. Location.    Who.      E-Mail.
A. fish.       1"          1       Alaska    So-N-So   sns at something_com.
 sale only
A. dace      5'           5       Hawaii    JoeShmoe JS at a_com
Fish Wanted:
same format.
To submit these forms, send a message in this format:
Sp.        Size.   Qty.       S/T/P
with S/T/W standing for Sale, Trade, or purchased.   Obviously you could have
for sale or trade, or purchased or trade, or just one.....  Prices will not
be posted, an E-Mail will have to be sent to the person with the fish.
To the Project.
  Well, I guess no one really wants to help with this... but I will keep you
up to date on the progress.  The location has been changed, and the
information will no be part of FINS.  If anyone does want to help, please
E-Me.....  I'm not going to beg or grovel again, as much fun as it might have
been (for you, not me!) 
J. L. Wiegert