HomePage Plea For Help, again.

Hi all.
    Once again, I have to plea for help on the home page I am desperately
trying to create for NANF.  So far, all I have is general info on darters,
mudminnows, cyprinids, and sunfish.  I need specific information.  Anyone who
has information, graphics that htey can scan in, or wants to type or write
anything for this page, please do so and send it to me.  Right now what I
need the most is written species information.  Don't worry about it not being
used or my already having it.  If its on computer, its more than I have.
 Don't worry about my already having recieved informatin, I can probaly use
more than one peice.  And certainly don't worry about graphics, I have
absolutely none, and i cna certainly use them!  If you want something to do,
but don't know what, drop ME, not the group but ME, a line at
JLWiegert at aol_com or Wiegec at sage_edu.  Type an essay on why you want to keep
natives, what got you interested in them, anything.  I know someone out there
in the 25 or so of you wants to do something!
J. L. Wiegert