Rainbow Darter Availablity

For anyone interested, Lambardo's Metro Pet (In the NY/NJ area) has Full 
Colour Rainbow Darter Fish available for about $3.  They are a wholesaler 
though.  Anyone in that area should be able to have thier pet shoppe 
order them for them.  Also, if you really, really want these fish, I will 
be willing to ship them to you.  You would have to pay shipping costs 
and, obviously, for the fish.  They'll probably be a little less than $3, 
and I'll return the change to you.  If your interested, E-Me at this line 
(Wiegec at sage_edu) or at my AOL adress, JLWiegert at aol_com.   Hopefuly 
other wholesalers will take the cue, as Lambardo's is one of the big 
ones, and maybe start stocking natives.  Possibly, Lambardo's - if 
interest in the Rainbows arises, will also stock others.  Secondly, there 
is an article by Robert Rice in Tropical Fish Hobbyist about Orangethroat 
Darters, E. spectabile.  I only skimmed it in th epet shoppe but it looks 
to contain a lot of good information.
J. L. Wiegert
NANF at actwin_com List Manager
E-Mail: JLWiegert at aol_com
        Wiegec at sage_edu