Natives in-store in Chicago

I certainly haven't visited every aquarium store in the Chicago area, but
yesterday for the first time I found native fish in one.
Sea Shell Pet Shop
9235 Skokie Blvd.
Skokie, IL. (a northwestern suburb of Chicago)

They had perch, bluegill and some juvenile muskie, all obtained from
hatcheries, I was told. I'm not sure what constitutes a "fair" price for
these fish, but I felt that they were a bit high. If memory serves, the
perch were $22.89 each and the muskie about $17.89 each.
They have an impressive selection of freshwater and saltwater fish,
plants, and invertebrates, even a shark tank (who buys nurse sharks?). 
Everything was clean and well cared-for. I would call them one of the
three or so best aquarium stores in northeastern Illinois, in my limited
experience. In general,
their prices were on the higher side.
Of course I am unaffiliated with them...Nick G.