Re: Etheostoma's To: Tim Nelson.

>         I'm looking for E. Caerelum or the E. olmstedi. What kind of waters
> should I be searching in (i.e. shallow, current,stream)? I could also use any
> info on keeping and breeding these fish since I've never kept natives before.
> Thanks!
E. Caerelum - the Blue or Rainbow Darter is a big water fish.  It likes 
deep, swift waters and can be found in the swiftest parts of the 
streams.  Olmsted's Darter is a muddy bottom fish here in NY.  I cathc 
them in slower water in morning (when the light is best at this stream) 
with two aquarium nets, one is larger (say a ten inch BS type net) and 
the other is nothing more than a four or so inch Green net.  The green 
net is used to steer the fish into the BS net.  (BS = Brine Shrimp).  The 
use of a second net raher than a stick or whatever (which works) allows 
for a fleaing fish to possibly be caught.  They tend to be in slower 
water.  I've only encountered adults in the wild this year,as  i made an 
earlier trip.  They probably inhabit deeper water...?  The young 
superficialy resemble chinese algae eaters in colour, although a close up 
view will show they lack a sucker and have a mouth in front.
J. L. Wiegert