Re: Looking for Notropis welaka


The original collection of this pretty fish was made in Welaka, Florida 
(hence the name).  It can be found in deep, cool streams in Northern 
Florida and Western Alabama.  _Notropis_welaka_ is found in deep water (5 
to 15 feet) therefore a larger seine than usual (and some help) will be 
required to catch them.  Mature males get to over 3 inches in length, 
with flowing dorsal and anal fins and a yellowish tinge to their bellies 
going into their pectoral and pelvic fins.  The sides of the fish have 
tiny flecks of gold and silver.  The blue nose comes and goes in 
intensity (i.e. brighter when displaying).
I don't believe there are any published reports on the Bluenose's 
reproductive habits, however, it, along with many other Notropis species, 
has been bred in captivity.
There is a short article on _Notropis_welaka_ in "Freshwater and Marine 
Aquarium".  November 1990.  Vol. 13, No. 11.  page 72
Also, there is a great article on Native Cyprinids in "Tropical Fish 
Hobbyist"  by John Quinn.  October 1991, p. 94. It contains pictures of 
about 74 species, many of which have never before been photographed.
As for the Bluenose Shiner's availability in the aquarium trade, I 
haven't seen or heard anything yet.  It's long overdue.
Hope that's a help.  :)


Andrew O'Farrell  <a_ofarr at alcor_concordia.ca>