Re: nanf To: Andrew O'Farrell & Robert Staley

On Mon, 17 Jun 1996, Robert W Staley wrote:

> I have accidently ran across some Mudminnows while conducting Wetland and
> Marsh surveys. I have to agree with Mr. Wiegert in that the fish is very
> common in pools of water which is stagnent and is isolated from other 
> of water. They are fairly common throughout Indiana if you ever have the
> chance to come through the state. My favorite Indiana fish are the Rainbo
>w Darters, Tippecanoe Darters, Northern Hognose Sucker, and the Gras
>s Pickerel.
> Take care,
> Robert Staley
I hate this service....   Two things one: Please don't call me Mr.  It 
makes me feel old and respected... <G>.  Second: This mudminnow fish are 
also common in clearer, "better" water lately.  You see, as its name 
implies, it cna live in awful water, and tolerate low O2 (as seen its 
living in stagnant water).  This makes it a perfect fish bait - no 
expensive aerators or anythign needed to keep them, and they'll live on 
the hook well.  Also, a rather poor practice of releasing bait - often 
accidently, has resulted in them being introduced.  I like that common 
name for the darter though - Tippecanoe.  Are they worth tipping the 
canoe?  <G>...  
J. L. Wiegert
NANF Manager