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Hello all.
    By now I should have sent all of you a welcome message - not the one 
Majordomo automaticaly sends, but one from WIEGEC at Sage_edu.  If you have 
not already done so, please send me a message regarding your experience 
with Native Fishes.  Do not send the message to NANF at actwin_com, but to 
me.  This is for my information and how to gear the newsgroup.  Anyone 
who knows what the deal is with jfewkes at mail_sas.upeen.edu is, please 
contact me.  I recieved a message to approve this person for the list.  I 
did so, but apparently the host does not exist.  Finaly, does anyone have 
information on culturing freshwater copepods and/or Helgremites?  
J. L. Wiegert
The List Manager