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Hi All

just by way of letting you know what is happening, a
major change in my life, precipitated by some horrific
happenings of the past weeks,

on 7/21 I am leaving the US to set up a K9 security
dog program in some of the outlying communities in

for more information on them see the website


scroll about a 1/3 of the way down and you will see
the link to the english version on the left, this will
give some graphic reason why the program is needed,

its a volunteer program and some dogs have been
purchased from Holland and Belgium to start it with,
my job will be to put them to work and to team them up
with local folks as handlers and to train the new K9
teams. Its a volunteer operation and as the teams get
functional we will move on to other communities.

So, thats my news, I had a lot of plans to put into
effect here but this has superceded them all.


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