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NFC: French Creek Invite

Hello all,
Just wanted to invite you all to join me and the members of the Erie Aquarium Society in Erie PA for a fun filled day of collecting along French Creek in NW PA (near Erie). There will be a BUNCH of "rookies" coming along who have never collected before, so it should be a fun day for everyone. I could really use some help from so other NFC people who could help me help the rookies. If you would like more info just email or call me.
 Also if anyone is interested in coming from out of the area we could do a more "advanced" collecting trip the next day on Sunday July 14th. If you are into darters you must check out French Creek.

Thanks Wally

French Creek Tour - July 13th 2002

8:30 Meet at upper Peach St store parking lot, John Schultz Furniture Store (formerly Builders Square located at I-90 and Peach Street). This meeting place is subject to change. Contact us to verify.

9:00 Leave the parking lot

9:30 Meet at Union City McDonalds. This is a second staging area and people who live in East County a different meeting space. This stop will be brief and our first stop is only 10 minutes away.

10:00 Collect at South Branch of French Creek in Corry. Wally will give a brief talk about how to collect here and will set up a few minnow traps a day or so before hand to see what turns up. This area was HEAVILY hit by flooding a few weeks back, but should be fine by our tour.

11:00 Leave North Branch in Corry

11:30 Arrive at "French Creek Canoe" along Rt. 6

12:30pm Leave French Creek Canoe Area

1:00 Lunch at Saegertown Park, located at the intersection of Route 6 and Route 198. There are picnic tables here, a Country Fair and great creek access. This will also serve as an area for people to join or leave the group, as it is very easy to find and get to from Erie. Just take I-79 south to the Route 198 east exit. This will also be our longest stop. We will be here about 2 hours for lunch and collecting time.

3:00 Leave Saegertown Park

3:30 Arrive at Vennago Bridge along Route 6 in Vennango.

4:30 Leave the bridge and head back to Union City McDonalds.

5:00 Depart Union City for Erie

5:30 Arrive back in Erie

Contact Dale Davison - 453-7574 or Wally Billingham - 814-665-9520 for details.

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