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Re: NFC: Survey Trip

I hadn't really thought about it, but now that you mention it, maybe I
should have. It's been a while since I've thought of keeping natives, as
currently in my 125 I have some fish that would make short work of anything
under about 5 inches.. What species would we be likely to find? I'd like to
find some madtoms if they are around there..

Houston, Tx
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> Thank you Matt for asking that question. I have been
> meaning to send an e-mail out to the list about that
> also. There will be some really good speakers there
> for the weekend and myself and Rob are looking forward
> to getting out and doing some sampling at the Center
> and possibly other places in the area... Providing Rob
> keeps his pet gators on a leash... LOL  Please let me
> know if you are looking for a particular species in
> this area and I may be able to find a place where we
> can get a few. Once again, thank you Matt and I hope
> to see lots of you there !!!
> Charles Anderton
> Ft. Worth,Texas
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> >I don't know if it's been discussed on the list,
> since I havn't really been paying attention as of
> late.. But is anyone in Texas going to the native fish
> survying thing in ft. worth on June 14-16th?
> >
> >Matt
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