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Re: NFC: Survey Trip

Thank you Matt for asking that question. I have been 
meaning to send an e-mail out to the list about that 
also. There will be some really good speakers there 
for the weekend and myself and Rob are looking forward 
to getting out and doing some sampling at the Center 
and possibly other places in the area... Providing Rob 
keeps his pet gators on a leash... LOL  Please let me 
know if you are looking for a particular species in 
this area and I may be able to find a place where we 
can get a few. Once again, thank you Matt and I hope 
to see lots of you there !!!
Charles Anderton
Ft. Worth,Texas
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Subject: NFC: Survey Trip

>I don't know if it's been discussed on the list, 
since I havn't really been paying attention as of 
late.. But is anyone in Texas going to the native fish 
survying thing in ft. worth on June 14-16th?
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