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NFC: List Change In Next Few Days (ADMIN NOTICE)

Hi Everyone.

In the next few days, all of our side lists are going to be vanishing.  None
of them are used.  If anyone on a side list (i.e., anything but the Digest
and the main NFC List) strongly objects, you have 72 hours to e-mail me
privately (JLW at dune_net) with your objection.  I've seen very, very few
posts on any of them.

The _BIG_ change that does concern everyone is that the NFC Lists are going
to be moving.  Majordomo is a bear -- it sends me a lot of SPAM, and there's
no way to subscribe to the lists without sending an e-mail ....  We're going
ot be moving the list over to the Yahoo List.  Don't worry -- you won't have
to do anything.  When I get some time (after our 72 hour period), I'll
subscribe everyone ot the Yahoo List who is on either the NFC or the NFC
Digest List.  However... if you're on a side list and NOT on the NFC Main
List (or digest), you're not going to be switched over.  Therefore... if you
want to be on the main list, but haven't been so far.....  YOU ARE GONNA
HAVETA SUBSCRIBE.  To do this, send an e-amil to Majordomo at actwin_com with
the following in it:

Subscribe NFC or Subscribe NFC-Digest.

Ok, now for the advantages of this move.  As I stated above, its going to
make my life easier.  That will make me happy.  You all like it when I'm
happy.  I don't need to rant at people when I'm happy.  That's good -- see?
You'll be able to get your list e-mail in one of three ways:  One, the same
way you do now:  Someone sends out an e-mail, you get that e-mail
immediately.  You can get it in digest -- i.e., one big e-mail a day.
Alternatively, you can get your e-mail only online.  That's great for those
of us who are very busy and just like to check in eveyr so often.
To subscribe or unsubscribe, you'll be able to hit a button, or do it by

I'm going to, for the time being, keep the NFC at actwin_com list up and
running, even though it'll be defunct.  I'll likely program an autoresponse
to give directions as to how to subscribe, should anyone subscribe to it or
post.  Should the Yahoo List prove to be really annoying or bad, we'll have
it as a backup.

If you want to subscribe now ot the yahoo list, and are familiar with Yahoo
lists (I'm going to post a better set of directions in a day or so), the
address is NativeFishConservancy at YAHOO_com

Joshua L. Wiegert
NFC Lists Administrator                          JLW at dune_net
www.geocities.com/Josh_Wiegert                   owner-nfc at actwin_com
ICQ Unavailable For Now                          AIM UID: JoshuaWiegert
Feel free to contact me by any of the above means for any reason.
   tIqDaq HoSna' tu'lu'           nIteb Qob quD jup 'e' chaw'be' SuvwI'
NFC Lists include the main 'NFC' list, 'NFC-Digest,' 'NFCBreeders,'  the
Fish Wish List (FWL), AdoptATank, NFCPonds, and BPEzine.   To subscribe
to any of these, e-mail Majordomo at actwin_com with the command subscribe
<listname>.  To unsubscribe, use the command unsubscribe <list>.  Help
returns a list of other commands, or feel free to contact me at
Owner-NFC at actwin_com.  All lists are @actwin.com. Come join us and chat
about our native fishes, or visit http://www.nativefish.org!