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Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 00:09:21 EDT
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To all Niagara River Anglers Members and Friends:

You are asked to please remember John Ranney in all your prayers. John is
gravely ill. You that are not familiar with John, he is one of the
pillars of the Niagara River Anglers Association.

Just a short note to remind you the May meeting is on Monday the 20th.
7:30 PM. LaSalle Sportsman Club. Guest speaker is Keith Kempanien and he
will be speaking on cut bait techniques for summer salmon. This is a
great time to learn more about this relatively new way to assure success
for summer salmon and a place in the fall derby.

The News & Views is very late this month due to certain circumstances.
However it is full of great information. You will receive it in the mail
after the meeting date.

Remember this is the Niagara River Anglers Association's 20th Birthday
and it is up to you younger people to carry the torch for another 20
years and another and another and another.

We hope you have been checking the website as there are new things being
added all the time. Be sure to check out the links page if you haven't
seen it in a while.

Please tell your friends to check our website out. Make sure you check it
for all the new things too.

Have you seen Niagara River Anglers on the web?  It's as easy as pushing
peas on a plate. Just type it in, or go now! 
Just Click here: www.niagarariveranglers.com 

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