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NFC: Fw: Death of a Friend

May 15 2002

I usually use this list to mail out happier news, but I'm afraid this is
far from happy. We learned today that Tyler Sykes passed away last night.
I've pasted a letter from her office below that has some of the details,
so I won't go into them here. I also know that many of you on this list
have already heard the news, but I know there are those of you that have

For those that knew Tyler, there's probably not much I can say about her
that you don't already know. For those that didn't know her, Tyler was
involved with Endangered Species recovery in the Cookeville, TN office of
the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I can think of very few people that
have done as much to help protect our imperiled wildlife in such a short

We were involved with her on many projects involving rare fishes in our
region of the country. She was always a pleasure to work with and we at
CFI certainly considered her a close friend as well as dedicated
colleague. The repercussions of her efforts to protect and recover
imperiled species will be felt for many years to come.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the family she left behind. I hope they
know how much Tyler meant to us. We'll really miss her!

J. R.

J. R. Shute
Conservation Fisheries, Inc.
3709 N. Broadway
Knoxville, TN 37917

See letter below…

It is deep regret that I, Jason Duke, forward the below message from Lee
Barclay to you via Tyler's computer.  All of you were listed in her
personal address book and are being forwarded the below message to
you with more information concerning what has happened to Tyler.  Her
family greatly appreciates all of the acts of kindness they have received
in the past two weeks and appreciates your past and continuing prayers
the family.  Should you have questions, e-mail lee_barclay at fws_gov for
information.  A second e-mail will follow in the next few days with
information on the trust fund that was established for Tyler's two
daughters, the memorial arrangements for Tyler, and any other items we
have for you.

From Lee:

It is with utter sorrow and a heavy heart that I write to you to let you
know that Tyler Sykes, 31 year old Recovery Coordinator in the Cookeville
(ES) Field Office, passed away last night.  Tyler entered the hospital on
May 01 with pneumonia-like symptoms.  She was only two weeks away from
due date for the birth of her second child when she entered the hospital.
Her condition worsened rapidly, and the baby was delivered by C-section
following day.  Tyler was put into a medically-induced coma to help ease
her discomfort and to allow the doctors to treat her condition
with a suite of strong antibiotics.  Unfortunately, she never recovered
slipped away from us early yesterday evening.

As of this writing, funeral arrangements are incomplete.  However, in
of flowers, we are hoping to establish a trust fund for Tyler's two young
girls, Chloe (age 18 months) and Alley (age two weeks).  When funeral
arrangements and other details become available, we will pass them on to
you.  For now, condolences can be sent to Rob Sykes and Family, 3509
Cherokee Drive, Cookeville, TN 38506.

Your prayers and kind thoughts are greatly appreciated....

Lee Barclay
Field Supervisor
Tennessee-Kentucky Field Office
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
446 Neal Street
Cookeville, TN 38501
(tele. 931/528-6481, ext. 212)
(fax. 931/528-7075)

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