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NFC: Re: Xenoophorus_exul....._captivus?

Probably most interested in finding an image of X captivus have. If not,
take a look at



site:www.guenter-ellenberg.de Xenoophorus


members.tripod.lycos.nl/ Poecilia/index-3.html

home.chello.no/~iwallan/ fishswim.gif

Several old links weren't working tonight and were not included. The Germans
now have a Goodied Work Group and the Norwegans are working to maintain a
Xenoophorus spe. Illescas.

Give them room to rumble (males can be rough on females), hiding places,
some veggies in their diet, goode water quality and a winter cool season
(50-60 degrees F). Probably not advice there revolutionary for natives

All the best!