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Re: Re: NFC: White-spotted H formosa

I, too have trouble getting reproduction from my H.formosa in my aquaria, especially during winter months.  I get almost all of my reproduction by placing my H.formosa in my horse watering stock tank and another smaller tub.  I have plenty of anacharis in my stock tank & in the tub and dump daphnia & water fleas into these containers about once or so a month from April thru September and by October I have several dozen YOY from 1/8 - 1/4" long.  The stock tanks have naturally ocurring moss growing along the sides, so there seems to be adequate protection for the YOY even though I have other fish in the tanks; most notably E.zonatum & F.chrysotus.  One of my conclusions is that the combination of sunlight/natural conditions and natural cyclop/daphnia/fusoria etc. condition the females for maximum reproduction plus gives the YOY immediate food sources.  Hope this helps.

Bruce Scott
Meridian, Idaho