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NFC: Fw: April 22nd Deadline: Keep the Corps Out of the Big Sunflower River

Public comments needed by this Monday, April 22nd!

The Army Corps of Engineers wants to dredge 100 miles of 
Mississippi's Big Sunflower River. Tell the Corps not to move forward 
with this destructive project without fully evaluating the 
environmental impacts and acceptable alternatives.


Please take action today and tell the Corps you are opposed to this 
ill-conceived project for several reasons, including:

1) The Corps should prepare a Full EIS and examine a full range of 
alternatives before proceeding. 

2) Adverse environmental impacts are too great.

3) Flooding reduction, the project's purpose, will be minimal despite 
enormous environmental cost. 

4) The public and other federal agencies - including the Fish and 
Wildlife Service and the Environmental Protection Agency - oppose 
this project, due to the project's unacceptable environmental impacts.

5) Contaminated sediments such as DDT and toxaphene have not been 
addressed (and in the case of toxaphene, not even mentioned!) in the 
environmental assessment.

6) The Corps is trying to "spin" this project into a contaminated 
sediment clean-up project similar to the Hudson River clean-up.  This 
is not the case.

Comments are due next Monday, April 22, 2002, so please act quickly 
at http://www.americanrivers.org/takeaction/ 

More on the Big Sunflower, one of America's Most Endangered Rivers

The Army Corps of Engineers: the agency with a grip on our rivers

To talk to someone about this project, contact 
Kelly Miller
American Rivers at 
(202) 347-7550, ext. 3008
kmiller at amrivers_org 

Thank you!

Thank you robertrice at juno_com for helping to protect and 
restore America's rivers.

To contact American Rivers, email Rebecca Sherman at 
outreach at amrivers_org or call 202-347-7550, ext. 3052.

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