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Re: NFC: Texas Native Fish Weekend Invitation

Rob....As we have discussed.. I'll BE THERE !!!
Charles A.
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From: "Denkhaus, Robert" <DenkhaR at Ci_Fort-Worth.TX.US>
To: "'nfc at actwin_com'" <nfc at actwin_com>
Subject: NFC: Texas Native Fish Weekend Invitation

>I am hosting a get together for native fish 
enthusiasts in June.  The
>location is in Fort Worth, TX and all interested 
folks are invited.  The
>following is the text from a flyer that is being 
mailed to folks that I
>already know.  If you want to receive a flyer, just 
let me know.
>A Note From Your Host:
>Some time ago, I was asked to serve as the North 
American Native Fishes
>Association (NANFA) Regional Representative for 
Texas.  I've spent the past
>year trying to figure out how to get people from 
across the state together
>for some collecting, learning, and socializing and 
I've come up with the
>following idea:
>What?:  The Texas Native Fish Weekend
>Who's invited?:  All native fish enthusiasts are 
invited including NANFA and
>Native Fish Conservancy (NFC) members and anyone else 
interested in native
>fish.  Spread the word!
>Where?:  The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge 
(FWNC&R) is located on the
>northwest side of Fort Worth, TX along the West Fork 
of the Trinity River
>between Eagle Mountain Lake (to the north) and Lake 
Worth (to the south).
>The FWNC&R is just 4 miles west of Interstate 820 off 
of Jacksboro Highway
>(Hwy 199).
>Why?:  Get a chance to meet other native fish 
enthusiasts from Texas (and
>maybe some other states as well!).  Help survey the 
West Fork of the Trinity
>River's fish populations (information to be used by 
the FWNC&R in its
>education and conservation management programs).  
Learn something new.  Have
>a bunch of fun.
>Accommodations:  This is really up to you as there 
are plenty of hotels in
>Fort Worth but if you let me know that you are 
coming, I can offer a place
>to pitch a tent at the FWNC&R.  Sorry, no RVs 
allowed.  This will be
>primitive camping without electricity or plumbing 
(port-o-lets will be
>available!) but the scenery will be great and you 
will be close to the
>action.  And, the fee is up to you...make a donation 
to the FWNC&R.
>Food:   You are pretty much on your own in this 
area.  The FWNC&R will
>provide some grills and a fire place for cooking; you 
supply the food.
>Anyone up for a potluck dinner?
>Are you interested?:  If so, here's the basic 
>Friday, June 14:  Arrival at the FWNC&R sometime 
before 9 p.m.  The gates
>will be locked at that time and we will have the 
place to ourselves.  The
>evening will be primarily social with an opportunity 
for making plans for
>the next couple of days.  I'm trying to line up a 
speaker from Texas Parks
>and Wildlife who specializes in aquatics and reptiles 
for a presentation on
>Cottonmouth identification and avoidance.
>Saturday, June 15: Let's hit the water early!  The 
FWNC&R has plenty of
>water access so we can spread out and get the seines 
and dipnets working.
>The FWNC&R will make canoes available for getting 
into some otherwise
>inaccessible areas of backwater.  FWNC&R staff and 
volunteers will be
>available to help guide you into the various areas.  
If you get tired of the
>water, the FWNC&R's 25 miles of trails offer 
tremendous opportunities for
>hiking, birding, and just enjoying nature.  In the 
evening, we will have a
>speaker or two on some native fish topic(s) (I'm in 
negotiations with a
>couple of local experts right now!).
>Sunday, June 16:  We can get back on the water in the 
morning or we can
>venture out to other sites in the area.  We will try 
to wrap it up and say
>our farewells around noon.
>What about the family?:  Bring 'em along.  The FWNC&R 
is an amazing place
>for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.  There are over 
3,600 acres to explore,
>a bison herd, a prairie dog town, an interpretive 
center and all those
>trails!  There's even some other stuff to do in Fort 
Worth if they would
>rather shop, go antiquing or to the zoo or museum, or 
>So that's it folks!  You're invited.  Let me know if 
you are coming by
>filling out the form on the other side and mailing it 
back to me at the
>address listed so that I get an idea of how many 
people to expect.
>[Obviously, this part applies to having the actual 
flyer.  If you let me
>know that you are interested in coming, I'll send you 
a flyer!]
>If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 
817-237-1111 or email
>me at denkhar at ci_fort-worth.tx.us
>Rob Denkhaus
>Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge