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Re: NFC: Big Native Tank

Wally, Go with the Yellow Perch or Crappie and feed 
them live foods such as Rosy Reds or even bait-shop 
minnows... The Lake Chubs will eventually become food 
for the Sunfish no matter what you do... My 5 inch 
Longear Sunfish made short work of anything less that 
3 inch fish of any kind that I put in with it.. My 75 
Gal. was very heavily planted and the shiners hid in 
there most of the time. YMMV   150 -200 gal. tank 
would be so kewl set up like you want!!!!  Good Luck!!!
Charles A.
Ft. Worth,Texas 
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Subject: NFC: Big Native Tank

>I am toying with the idea of setting up a large 150-
200 gallon tank and filling it up with larger natives. 
I want to set it up so my African Cichlid friends will 
see what they are missing. I was thinking about 
setting it up with 4-5 longear sunfish, and 2-3 
stonecats. I know they will work out fine, but what I 
am wondering about is other fish. I was thinking that 
a school of lake chubs would give the tank a lot of 
movement, and that would give me enough space for a 
few more fish perhaps yellow perch or black crappie? 
Any thoughts or ideas?
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