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Re: NFC: best fish for 30 gallon tank

HI ....welcome to this list... if you ask Mikey nicely
he might be able to send you some red shiners,
Cyprinella lutrensis and even some Fundulus
olivaceous.  Both would do well in that size tank. 
The red shiners will move all over the tank, and the
olivaceous will cruise the top.  A  pair of rainbow
darters would also do well in this setup, but it takes
them a while to get used to eating food from the top
of the tank.  BTW did those gambusia do well for you
that I sent you two years ago?

--- Mongoose6790 at aol_com wrote:
> Hello all I am kinda new to the fish business I have
> been breeding bettas but 
> I wanted to get into natives what would be the best
> species to breed in a 30 
> gallon tank that I could afford ( I am only 13)
> thanks 
> Jacob Wright
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