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Re: NFC: ADMIN Re: Fw: Fw: please read and pass on

Spam let me get this right, if I send anything you don't like its spam, but
if I don't like something like your personal attack on myself tuff for me, I
didn,t attack you on the this web page I only sent something I care about
You on the other hand ,made personnal comments on the material and me
personally if this web page is this bias then I guess its not what i Thought
it was.I have read the bud story here and many arguments pro and con, my
story or truth was important enough to me that i wish to share it with the
club. Heaven forbid or maybe I shouldn't mention that either.
I appolgize to those who I offend nothing was mean't to cause anyone a bad
day , but where is freedom of speech.Name calling,abuseive comments are aok
just dont offend those in power, with emotional crab as you put it.
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Subject: NFC: ADMIN Re: Fw: Fw: please read and pass on

Regardless of intention, this sort of stuff is irrelevant, and treated as
SPAM. Take this as a first warning.
Also, as a side warning, most of these are SPAM anyhow -- most are false,
and the "terrible dying patient" doesn't even exist.


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