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Re: NFC: Re: round goby

Hi Kevin,
Yep the gobies do eat zebra mussels, however this is a very bad thing for
the Great Lakes. The reason is that the mussels are now full of PCBs,
mercury and other toxins. Then biger fish eat the smaller fish, which also
sounds like a good thing until you realize that the bigger fish are bass,
walleye, and big catfish. These big fish now are full of PCBs and other
nasties. Then people catch and eat the bigger fish and then people are full
of PCBs and other nasties. Its a big nasty cycle.


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> When it comes to these invaders, I agree that they are interesting--my son
> likes to catch them off the piers on Lake Michigan. However, in Michigan
> is illegal to possess live gobies (or any other invasive species) as the
> is concerned about their spread and further displacement of other benthic
> species such as sculpins. I've found that gobies like to eat another
> here in the Great Lakes: Zebra mussels!
> Regards,
> Kevin DeVries