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Re: NFC: Re: round goby

I find the regulations a bit lame,10,'s of thousands of boats leave the
Great lakes going to who knows where.Glued to their transom and in the water
are the culprits, they have already have been introduce to most waters in
the U.S. Time will show most invaders if prolific will arrive in numbers by
boat ,bird, turtle and even deer.We can slow it down or speed it up,
stopping it is as futile the laws attempting to stop terrorism. Total
distruction of a species, isn't the answer, coexistence and education and

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Date: Saturday, April 13, 2002 01:12:44 PM
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When it comes to these invaders, I agree that they are interesting--my son 
likes to catch them off the piers on Lake Michigan. However, in Michigan it 
is illegal to possess live gobies (or any other invasive species) as the DNR

is concerned about their spread and further displacement of other benthic 
species such as sculpins. I've found that gobies like to eat another invader

here in the Great Lakes: Zebra mussels!


Kevin DeVries

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