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Re: NFC: A Yearly Tragidy

It was said in a post awhile back, its ABOUT THE MONEY! Guess how much money 
is spent on 7 day fishing licenses', or permits renewed the day people hear 
about a release.  How much tackle is bought that day? Poles? Bait?
As far as the clean up, you as a reader know about it, as do I. Just a 
thought for those of you wanting to do something about it, you can do as I 
do. At a site I collect at, the banks were collecting more garbage then the 
city does on trash day. I make it a point to take along a trash bag and to 
FILL it up prior to leaving and leave it 6 feet from the road just like the 
clean up crew does on the day they mow the grass on the roads.  I'm a 
handicapped individual with 5 herniated disc's in my back, and if I can do 
it, see what some of you can do (no PAIN, no GAIN). A case of empty beer 
bottles just don't look good next to some blooming Saggitaria plants. 
Complaining has its' good points, but action gets things done. Just remember 
that trash bag next time you pack your gear for collecting.
Prplshark at aol_com

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