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Re: NFC: A Yearly Tragidy

Its all money Wally . A $.50 deposit on the foam cups
would solve that problem and a requirement to donate
one half day of cleanup work per fishing license would
work wonders . Not likely to happen though . Might
cause a dip in fishing revenues .
--- Wally Billingham
<wallybillingham at wallybillingham_com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> Its happening again this year, like it does every
> year. Our lovely State Fish Commission is stocking
> hundreds of thousands of trout into fragile streams
> where they do not belong and could not live
> naturally. Even though I am an avid sport fisherman
> I really detest this practice and fail to see the
> sport in catching tame fish that are used to having
> people come up and feed them. Aside from that I can
> only imagine what damage they do each year to the
> streams, rivers, and lakes they are dumped into.
> They are eating food that our natives need, and even
> eating our native fish that have a hard enough time
> already.
> The other problem is "opening day" when the stocked
> streams are wall to wall with people fishing elbow
> to elbow. Most of these people are "weekend"
> warriors and this will be only time this year that
> they fish. They leave line, Styrofoam worm cups, and
> all sorts of other trash behind making a real mess.
> This is not to mention the damage that they do each
> year to the fragile riparian zone around the streams
> by trampling over fragile young plants.
> Ok I am done venting now. What do you all think
> about this practice?
> Wally
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Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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