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NFC: Re: A Yearly Tragidy

 I would agree with you, opening day of trout season, probably does more
harm then good, as far as the natural environment is concerned. I guess the
positive side it helps the fish and game commission by selling more fishing
licenses then they normally would sell. But I have to believe that true
trout fishermen still prefer real trout streams.

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> Hello All,
> Its happening again this year, like it does every year. Our lovely State
Fish Commission is stocking hundreds of thousands of trout into fragile
streams where they do not belong and could not live naturally. Even though I
am an avid sport fisherman I really detest this practice and fail to see the
sport in catching tame fish that are used to having people come up and feed
them. Aside from that I can only imagine what damage they do each year to
the streams, rivers, and lakes they are dumped into. They are eating food
that our natives need, and even eating our native fish that have a hard
enough time already.
> The other problem is "opening day" when the stocked streams are wall to
wall with people fishing elbow to elbow. Most of these people are "weekend"
warriors and this will be only time this year that they fish. They leave
line, Styrofoam worm cups, and all sorts of other trash behind making a real
mess. This is not to mention the damage that they do each year to the
fragile riparian zone around the streams by trampling over fragile young
> Ok I am done venting now. What do you all think about this practice?
> Wally
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