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Re: NFC: Pics to the list

sent pics to Arlus, he has them but if you want to see I will send them to

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From: nfc at actwin_com
Date: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 03:10:16 PM
To: nfc actwin.com
Subject: NFC: Pics to the list

Hey Ron

It looks like you are trying to send pictures to the list. What I receive on
my end is an email without a picture because it has been striped by
actwin.com. Lots of email list will no longer allow you to send in pictures
as they are afraid that it could be a virus instead. So they automatically
strip any attachments. Do you have a way of posting them to a web page and
sending in a URL? If you donšt, let me know and I can help by posting them
to the web for you.



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