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Re: NFC: longear breeding

not sure about if tropicals work the same but,feeding live food or frozen
brine. keep male and female apart until physically developed( fattened up).
add female to tank with divider in place.when she is clam enough with her
surroundings add male to other side he will see her and smell her.Nest
building starts soon and his show to indice the female. leave divider in
until she appears intrested this cuts the chase and beatings down. They may
breed several days in a row watch close, when he is satisfied he will chase
her away if she can,t get far enough away he may kill her.Best to remove her
to quite place, and let her recover.If you want him to rear the young and
watch it happen a window tank is great. Less chance of panicing him into
feeding on the eggs or fry.Good luck

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Date: Tuesday, April 02, 2002 05:52:31 AM
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Hi Arlus
the larger the tank the better, handle much like
cichlids, frequent moderate water changes, LOTS of
foods, feed them up well and it will be hard for them
not to spawn, no other fish in the tank, they'll get
hammered. Often the male will hammer the female after
spawning , watch for that, I used a 55 with ugf, deep
sand bed and a lot of giant val. 16 hrs light sounds
about right, I never looked into that, used window
tanks and they had a bit more then that of overhead
--- Arlus Farnsworth <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:
> I keep on missing the chat room on Sundays.
> Luke mentioned that for breeding Lepomis Megolatis
> (longear sunfish) I
> should extend the light cycle to 16 hours. Does
> anyone have any further
> suggestions or hints?
> Thanks!
> Arlus

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