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RE: NFC: RE: Who got the last laugh?

Hope your comment was not directed at me.  I stated it is an urban legend as
it was heard word for word quite some time ago.  The sudden attitudes about
hate and nasty beer really throws me.  If someone was dancing on my families
grave I'd surely do all I could to take them out or close them down.  I
certainly don't know what Mr. Adams is talking about.
Back to lurk mode and back on topic.

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 The last two comments were not called for IMHO.  By making such comments,
you show yourself no better than the person(s) you villify.  The story was
amusing to me, but I would agree not perhaps appropriate for this forum.
It would have been best to be sent individually.  Regardless, the one act
does not excuse the others.  Consider your words more carefully next time

Luke McClurg

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Jeremy Adams wrote:

> On 4/1/02 7:47 AM, "Sam B" <sbeavin at gte_net> wrote:
> > Pretty sure that this is just an urban legend- but, none the less, a
> > good one!
> This is the typical transparent propaganda crap that makes me hate email.
> is a lame ass commercial for people who drink beer that is as good as
> bowl water. People who spread this stuff are either are extremely naive or
> or ignorant.
> Ok, I'll shut up now so we can all go back to be being arrogant Americans
> and get back to hating other countries.
> And oh, by the way. send this email to 70 people and Budweiser will track
> and deliver a tuck load of beer on your door step in 1 week.
> Jeremy

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