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NFC: re: Worms and Bugs


Worms in aquariums, particularly aquariums with a high nutrient load, are 
usually nematodes.  If you see them swimming in the water column they will 
swim in a whip like fashion.  To the best of my knowledge they are no danger 
to even fry, and could serve as a food source.  Someone who actively breeds 
fish may know more about this than I do though.
The bugs could be several different things.  Daphnia, famous in the fish 
world as food, could appear as bugs or white fleas in aquarium water.  They 
usually make excellent food though there are a few species that are quite 
unedible.  Copepods are another 'bug' that you might run into.  Again, they 
make a decent food source, but in the case of copepods some species may act 
as parasites on the fish.  Finally, you might have amphiopods which have the 
look of minature shrimp.  I have never heard anything bad about these guys, 
just a good food source.  A good aquarium book should have pictures of 
daphnia in it, and possibly the other two.


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>A turkey baster works real well for removing waste from the bottom of fry
>tanks. A few apple snails are also good as they will eat waste and dead fry
>etc. I do not understand your question about the worms and bugs are you
>talking about food for the fry or are you having a problem with them in 
>tank? Also algae in a fry tank is a good thing as your fry may enjoy eating
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> > Is there a method to siphon off the bottom, for cleaning purpose,when 
> > have fry? What are the names of the small white worms and rapid moving
> > They're in a gel coating the glass,the glass also is starting to
> > stage here along the maumee,wondering when things will improve enough to
> > out.
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