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Re: NFC: Re: Fw: Re: Heterandria formosa

what would the common name be.

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Date: Saturday, March 30, 2002 11:36:58 PM
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Subject: NFC: Re: Fw: Re: Heterandria formosa

I can give you some if you don't mind the trip up to Erie. After 9-11 I will
not mail fish any more due to many problems I have encountered.

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> help...
> Robert Rice - NFC president www.nativefish.org
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> Hi,
> I Just joined the NFC and am looking to get Heterandria formosa. I
> used to have this fish, but lost it. I want to set up an aquarium
> exclusively for this fish. I read a post where if you joined and agreed
> to donate half of what you raised for the annual auction, you could get
> free fish to start. Is this still the practice? If not, let me know
> where I can get some but I don't want to pay $ 6.00 each for them, as
> they go for in the Aquabid auction. I have paid $ 3.00 each for them in
> the past. Thank you very much, Judy Showers (Pennsylvania near
> Harrisburg)


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