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NFC: Fw: breeding natives


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From: ron coon
Date: Friday, March 29, 2002 17:46:54
To: Majordomo at actwin_com
Subject: breeding natives

I have blue gill fry a week old now,is there a book or web pages that can
help me determine sex of native species.I intend to try pumkinseeds next but
sexing difficult do to cross bred samples in my tank. I joined nfc i think
or just the e-mail list. I wonder how the state laws and nature study of
capitves work . Hand in Hand or frowned apon,Iam from Ohio and I know
possession laws, and illegal transportation laws exsist.Can one gain legal
permission to study native fishes .Like the round gobie, in lake erie they
have definiatly become native. Zebra mussel transportation or smelt eggs
left in nets, its all the same. The event takes place and ponds and rivers
become homes to the new species.Once establish in a lake like erie ducks,
geese, turtles and all migrating animals that dip in the waters carry the
new invader around eventually to every pond.

    well thanks for your time Rcoon@buckeye -expess.com  

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