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Re: NFC: Multi-Tank Filtration Question

My guess is  parallel in's and out's from  base manifolds.One for in's only
and a base manifold for outs only.On and off
valves at each in and out at the manifold, this way you can shut anything
off from a central location. Also the manifolds should be higher than any
tank.Flexible plastic tubing with compression fitting would be nice,  this
gives you ability to move stuff around.If it develops a leak,turnoff at
manifold pull flextubing unplug, repair or replace.If its hard pcp, oh boy.


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Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2002 07:44:57 AM
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Subject: Re: NFC: Multi-Tank Filtration Question

Hi Ty
its doable, first just make simple line drawing, I
would spend some time visiting every store in driving
distance and see what others have done. Write Joe and
ask about his system its GOOD!

You want means to remove crud/trash, amonia, kill
organisms (ozone and uv) and a way to get the water
back up, a ceiling manifold pipe is what most use. 2"
pvc in most of the lines, and a pump rated to get your
water turned over several times an hour, thats all the
water. If, the system is less then 20 tanks you might
look into the overflow boxes, they run about $30 ea
wholesale and save drilling tanks, more then 20 tanks
then drill and plumb them with bulkhead fittings and
pvc. 3-4 days will do all of it once you get the racks
built. Right now, pricewise 29Hs and 75s are the most
tanks for the bucks, 30s are almost as expensive as
55s and 55s are too high per gallon compared to the

Look around and see whats being done, and talk to guys
like Joe. I'll be glad to help on what works and what
--- Ty <tyhall at mia_net> wrote:
> Thanks Jake, but you hit the nail on the head, in
> that I don't know
> where to begin to even sketch one out. I have only
> used very simple
> filters. Undergravel, hang on the backs and such. I
> have never, ever,
> used a filtration system where the water was removed
> from the tank. If I
> am looking to filter the water from 15 or 20 or 100
> tanks how do I get
> the water from the tanks, into the filter and back? 
> I really need a
> diagram of a system someone else is already using.
> Once I get a
> visualization, in my head, then I'll be able to move
> forward.
> Thanks again!
> Ty
> jake levi wrote:
> > Ty
> > there are a number of commercial companys who
> would
> > love to sell you a system, super duper deluxe, and
> > priced accordingly.
> >
> > Sketch out your own and do it yourself, drain to a
> > common sump with filter pads, put a BIG skimmer in
> it
> > and ozonizer and the last thing the water sees
> before
> > going to the tanks is a big UV, the last courtesy
> Joe
> > L., he has an excellent system for his clown
> biz.Joe
> > also has had good luck with a tower filtration
> system,
> > talk to him about it.
> >
> > I suggest two systems, one for fish and one for
> > inverts, do it yourself and save ten thousand
> dollars.
> > jake
> > --- Ty <tyhall at mia_net> wrote:
> > > As I mentioned before, I am in the process of
> > > opening up my own pet
> > > store. I am looking for information on a
> multi-tank
> > > filtration system.
> > > At home, I have several tanks, but run a
> seperate
> > > filter on each. In the
> > > store this won't be practical. If anyone can
> provide
> > > some guidance or
> > > links to websites where I can get information on
> the
> > > different types of
> > > systems I could use, I would appreciate it.
> Please
> > > feel free to respond
> > > off-list.
> > >
> > > Thanks.
> > >
> > > Ty
> > >
> > >
> >
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