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Re: NFC: Multi-Tank Filtration Question

I really think you should think long and hard about
using a central filtration system, far too many fish
from commercial sources are sick and with a
centralized system you will almost guarantee the
majority of your fish will have some background
infection like velvet and/or ich.  I go into the
various pets chains here and see tank after tank of
ill fish on their system.   

A friend of mine runs a fish store and uses
undergravel filters and a blower exclusively.  When I
ran the fish department for him I treated all tanks I
added fish to for ich, because if I didn't then we
would always have an outbreak.  I did water changes
with a python twice a week, this kept the undergravel
filters from getting clogged, and I broke down one
tank a week completely, where I kept a schedule so no
tank stayed up for over a year,  I kept a few sponge
filters going, so that the new tank would always be
cycled.  So I always had an extra tank ready to go in
the place of the one I broke down.  We used 15 gallon
tanks exclusively, they provide a lot more water than
tens and dont take up much more space.

For smaller setups, I recommend the linear pumps over
blowers that you can see at http://www.jehmco.com. 
Unless you have a huge store, a linear pump should do
the trick.  They are quiet, powerful, outlast blowers,
and use a heck of a lot less electricity. 

Also check out these linear pumps:

The only store I know that successfully uses a central
system for most of its tanks, Byerlys in Columbus,
also has a huge quarantine area in its back room where
new fish are treated and acclimated before they are
ever released to the floor.

Good luck to you with your venture.  

--- Ty <tyhall at mia_net> wrote:
> As I mentioned before, I am in the process of
> opening up my own pet
> store. I am looking for information on a multi-tank
> filtration system.
> At home, I have several tanks, but run a seperate
> filter on each. In the
> store this won't be practical. If anyone can provide
> some guidance or
> links to websites where I can get information on the
> different types of
> systems I could use, I would appreciate it. Please
> feel free to respond
> off-list.
> Thanks.
> Ty

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