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NFC: Fw: River Policy Update, Week of March 25, 2002

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American Rivers' Policy Update
Week of March 25, 2002


* Energy policy
* Congressional calendar
* Take action
* River conservation tools
* Jobs
* Internships


Energy bill update

Debate on the energy bill will continue when Congress reconvenes on 
April 8.  Last week Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) said he 
would bring a cloture motion on April 9 to force an end to debate on 
the bill.  In anticipation of Daschle's motion, Sen. Frank Murkowski 
(R-AK) is expected to offer a long-promised amendment that would open 
up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil and Gas drilling.    

The Democratic energy bill would not open up the Arctic Refuge to oil 
and gas drilling, and Democrats believe they have the votes to keep 
such a provision off of the bill.  The environmental threats posed by 
the development of the Arctic Refuge prompted American Rivers to list 
the wildlife refuge's Canning River as the nation's second most 
endangered river in its America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2001 

Also last week, behind the scenes negotiations continued over 
proposals to alter the hydropower dam relicensing process.  State 
agencies, Indian tribes and conservationists are seeking to ensure 
that any effort to streamline hydropower licensing also strengthens 
environmental protections and ensures public participation.     


No hearings are scheduled this week.  Congress is in recess until 
Monday, April 8.


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