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NFC: where and what address

 Hi Ron here, the chat sounds great but Iam a second shifter! Maybe on a Sat
or Sun 8pm, But where, most request a good get together and leave out e-mail
                My log perch is doing well, the only one of five that could
stand the scare. He is starting to come out and show himself, but if you
stare at him he ducks for cover.If anyone good tell me where I can siene in
nothern Ohio ,Toledo area I would appreciate it. This log perch is about
4inches long and has a good appetite. The snout is unusual and wiggles as if
sniffing. His darting speed is incrediable, from hiding goodbye shinner and
back. One don,t get a good look and sometimes he snatches right out of the
closeing jaws of a small rock bass.

    well thats all for now
    does it will

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