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Re: NFC: Nominations, Two.

Perhaps some folks are like myself - I'm just getting a chance to read my 
E-mail from about 2-15-02 onward.  Obviously, those of us in such a situation 
would make pretty awful board members.  I've taken it somewhat for granted 
that Robert would be President, and I'm pleased we got this many volunteers.

On a more serious note, isn't it a shame that membership in a "conservation 
group" is considered a conflict of interest for employees of the USFWS?  I 
can understand PETA or ELF - organizations with policies of property 
destruction - but the NFC?  What the hell is the USFWS for anyway?

I'd bet that membership in NAMBLA or its legal arm, the ACLU, isn't a 
conflict of interest or grounds for a course in ethics.



In a message dated 3/7/02 10:11:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
kwmprairie at hotmail_com writes:

> I wasn't even aware that self-nomination was okay!  I've never been a 
> member 
> of a group where it was before.  Learn something new everyday.  (but may I 
> say I'm just as happy that NFC will stay a small, fairly cohesive group?  
> I've watched too many organizations where one person was constantly looking 
> for fault, and exasperated everyone else into leaving to ever want it to 
> happen to the NFC.)
> I also wanted to thank whoever nominated me, and explain that while I 
> really, really wanted to run (and even sent my acceptance to Joshua 
> initially) I discovered that the USFWS (my employer) is going through an 
> ethics/conflict-of-interest panic attack after a few bad apple incidents 
> recently with the current result being that employees can no longer be 
> voting members of any conservation-related organization.  (we used to be 
> able to take a short ethics training course, sign a statement, & get 
> permission from a regional director--which was my plan when I accepted--but 
> that option has been removed)
> I sincerely think that the current nominees will do a wonderful job and I 
> can't even begin to imagine anyone other than Robert as president.
> -Kristine Massin

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