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NFC: Fw: Setup and maintenance of 700 gallon tank in hotel

Robert Rice - NFC president   www.nativefish.org

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From: "Carroll Bloyd" <cbloyd1 at attbi_com>
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Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 14:09:52 -0800
Subject: Setup and maintenance of 700 gallon tank in hotel
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My son in Estes Park, Colorado, just called to say that the hotel where
works inherited a 700 gallon plexiglass tank from another hotel that is
being closed.  The tank is being installed in one of the lounges, and
with all the necessary plumbing, pumps, filters, cabinetry, etc.

The tank previously held a few trout very successfully for several years.
My son wants to set it up essentially the same--landscaped as a trout
with three or four trout.  He is an experienced tropical fish aquarist,
has no experience with cold-water fish or anything larger than a 55

He's looking for someone or some company in the area (Denver, Boulder,
to help set up and then maintain the tank on a regular basis.  (He can
an eye on it, but doesn't have the time or desire to maintain a tank this

If you know of anyone who could handle this project and the ongoing
maintenance, please contact me.


Carroll Bloyd