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NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #895

Well, I am an angry person in general, for many perfectly valid reasons,
and a few just because I was angry early on... whether anger hits the
mark or is taken advantage of for other purposes is personal choice.
Politicians and most everyone else listen to me, mostly because I
generate massive revenue and noone cannot deny this basic fact. That and
I don't discriminate in general, we can all be part of the solution no
matter how minuscule a part we decide to play. The ones that refuse are
the ones that invite... imagine who would hire such is soon without
capital or finds themselves in a world without merchant opportunity. I
am not going into details, but for my particular case, I have been
mostly gratified in my unselfish demands. So then, in the other cases,
get to work... No, I am not being funny. Yes, this is the english
language I am speaking, no hablo? That is not a surprise to me. Get off
your ass like the very few others that already are. They are not here
for your amusement, your personal miserable doom is the only laughable
outcome to doing nothing. Sorry to break it to you like this, but who
else is going to tell you the truth? I don't see a line forming. By
merely subscribing to this list and ignoring the urgency and intrinsic
jeopardy of this you are doing more than the other billions of human
inhabitants of this used to be paradise. But really, I am a nice
exciting guy who is fun to be around and talk to. If I am too dangerous
for you, what a shame. More is the pity, but then again, who will be
around to give a damn? Anger will not solve the current dilemma, rather
in my humble opinion the only way to go about it is rational thoughts
and extreme willpower. Who will mention fish, the role they play is as a
frontline grunt in operation overlord against an early retirement for
the human race. Arlus has spoken. Can you denounce me with equal words?
I seriously doubt that will transpire, because you have been warned and
suspect the eloquent agility that forebodes such ignominious folly.
Friday night at the speakeasy establishment is your commercial sponsor.
And I am not satisfied, I want to see a thousand fold effort by next
Monday, or else there will be trouble the likes of which the world has
never seen before in history. Get to work, or I'm going to personally
kick everyone's ass with a size 11 1/2 combat boot, and order up a worse
punishment for the remainder - heavy metal is only enjoyed by the few
and especially they are more respectful in my experience towards other
species than the next aficionado. Put out the fire before it is too late
for milk or the bucket brigade, no matter how selfless, zealous and
tireless the effort will be for naught. This is meant to entertain,
unless you ignore these words and don't get a move on. Furthermore,
don't trample our piscine habitat in the name of conservation... if you
turn over a rock to see what lies beneath... turn it back over to the
position before homo sapien became a disturbance... otherwise you are
worse than your namesake who is ignorantly despoiling habitat. 
Yours in shame, anger and righteousness,
In the meantime, have a drink on me. Dio has a couple of decent
albums... But I also enjoy Dokken I admit. I am not crazy or mad, I am
angry as specified in the opening sentences of this diatribe. I am
particular to a variety of things, there is not one genre that demands
complete attention or respect by virtue. Be ever vigilant, good and evil
are interspersed and difficult to determine. Foremost, protect your own
neck or your words will have the least lasting effect on future ethic
and prosperity. And plant your property in the largest measure with
flora native to your locality. If someone knowingly dumps chemicals,
ostracize and chastise them publicly whenever they come near. Under no
circumstances deal with them financially. There is no excuse acceptable
for being ignorant in the first world society. In the third world,
ignorance only happens once although likewise unacceptable.
Next time I post here my words will more closely resemble mediocre,
normal composition. Scientific pontification could be forthcoming to
soothe the indignant mass psychosis, thus securing the passive
supplicating support of the least ignorant among us. 

> Where is the anger?