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Re: NFC: Fw: Keeping killifish


LOTS of people call Gambusia "damnbusia" and hold them in extremely low regard ... which isn't entirely the fishes' fault, they've been introduced widely all over the world by humans for years as 'mosquito control fish" but newer research suggests they're really not so good at that but are good at harassing other fish ....

Anyway ...

Adult or even half-mature flagfish will be able to take care of themselves quite nicely against the gambusia ... but until they're at least the size of the gambusia, the gambusia are very likely to be bothersome fin-nippers. (That's their nature.) 

Simple solution: get rid of the gambusia. Donate them to someone as "feeder fish", or just put them in the freezer.  

Arranging your community tank around what gets along with gambusia is like turning down a free rolls-royce because it's color clashes with the $0.79 hang-on air-freshener you bought back in the fall. 

BTW, in my experience, mature male flagfish tend to get kind territorial and a bit pugnacious towards other fish (besides the mate) in general. Two males in a 29 would probably need a good amount of cover to ensure maximum domestic tranquility. Ideal tank mates would be confidently assertive back and tend to a good amount of time in the upper half of the water column .... native mollies have done pretty well for me. 


doug dame
interlachen fl

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More help...Ill be out of town thurs -Sun and am cleaning up my emails.

From: "keely breen" <commrabb at hotmail_com>
To: robertrice at juno_com 
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:27:08 +0000
Subject: Keeping killifish
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Hi... I read your article entitled The North American Killies at 
aquafind.com. You seem to be very knowledgable about these fish.. so I 
figured I would drop you a line and ask a question.

I recently acquired a used 29 gallon for a good price. I am using it as
upgrade tank for a 10Gallon. In the 10 gallon, I had 1 oto, 1 panda cory 
(had more of each.. but bad lfs fish = dead lfs fish) and 2 female
They are now happily living in the 29, but I want to have some more fish.
have become interested in keeping the American-Flag fish.. but I am
too many conflicting ideas about these fish. My question is.. could 4 of 
these fish live with the 2 gambusia (affinis)? These 2 have a history of 
death.. they killed 2 jumbo fla. bred neon tetras.. and ate the tails off
others (a tank leaked, and so the 10 became a temp home for the neons..
2 that survived are now thriving in a 20G community tank)

The 29 details are as follows..
pH: ~7.4
no ammonia, nitrites..
nitrates: ~10ppm
somewhat hard water... (gH and kh unknown.. test kit vial broke)
Substrate: 1/2" layer of Estes Marine/Freshwater Sand (beige)
Decor: Local MD river rock (bluestone/slate), a "window box" (a drip tray

for an 18" box plant pot, held up by some pvc rings, and filled with 1"
gravel) with 2 amazon sword plants, more plants planned...
temp: 80F
filtration: currently 2 top fin 15's with floss, will have 1 of the top
replaced with a whisper 20 (on the 10G.. 10G will be qt tank for any new 
fish for 29G)

Any help or advice you can offer will be appreciated! Please email me
at this email.. or you can find me at Fishindex.com. I am a moderator
and I go by the user name "Relena".


ps: the gambusia were gotten thru a trade.. I didn't know much about
and wouldn't have gotten them if I knew what they were capable of. I 
acquired 3, 2 females, 1 male. The male and smaller female succumbed to a

disease that killed an oto.. the larger female never got sick, and 1
later dropped 20 fry..(and 2 more batches in the next 2 months) only 1
survived.. and I am happy she is female.. so no more breeding...the 
conditions of the 10 were the smae as the 29.. but no live plants...

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