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Re: NFC: Re: "The Burbs"

It isn't just Southern California...
Take a look at Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon.
Take a look at the rice fields of northern California, the cotton fields of
Central Califonia, the tomatoes out in Yuma - these are all damaging the
environment in one way or another.
Urban sprawl in Georgia and the Carolinas around every lake and river...
Hawaii itself...enough exotics there to ensure mass extinction...
We can go on and on, the problem is sprawl - instead of recycling land -
urban blight areas, we find it easier to go to undeveloped or agricultural
land to build...away from all that.  When I first showed up in San Diego in
66, it was mostly farm and ranch land, and the problems you detail below,
were quite insignificant - that has all changed now.

On 3/12/02 6:55 AM, "jake levi" <jlevi_us at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Arlus, one correction,
> you should have written all of Southern California and
> much of Central. The irrigation of ice plants and
> other exotics on highway medians is a disgrace.
> California has a 'mediteranean' climate and they want
> it to be Hawaii.
> The water isnot there to do it so they are draining
> much of the western aquifer for ornamental irrigation.
> The national disgrace is about to become a national
> disaster.
> jake
> --- Arlus Farnsworth <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:
>> Just a quick comment... suburbia is known to replace
>> native vegetation
>> with imported exotics, usually not palatable to
>> local wildlife needs,
>> hence an ornamental desert functionally. Green lawns
>> in the desert is a
>> perfectly horrid extreme of this mentality. Case in
>> point, the city
>> state and country of LA.
>>> And this all started out because the project is
>> REPLACING the wetlands and a
>>> rookery
>>> SamB
>>> Boo
>>> I dont see the 'burbs being trashed into garbage
>> dumps
>>> at quite the same rate as the 'low cost housing
>>> developments'.
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