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Re: NFC: Re: Native Fish Conservancy Digest V2 #886

Low cost housing development?? Kiss of death to the

The inhabitants would be dumping couches,
refrigerators and each other in the water. Along with
a zillion macdonalds burger and drink containers. Plus
enough scrap tires to pave NY to LA.

I have seen too many multi million dollar 'housing
developments' trashed beyond recovery within seven
years of building them. 

People donot value what doesnt cost them. If you want
housing development there then make it a super
expensive place to be, then they will value the
--- Jeremy Adams <killifish at attbi_com> wrote:
> On 3/10/02 1:56 PM, "Arlus Farnsworth"
> <arlusf at cwnet_com> wrote:
> > There must be other birds than the herons living
> there at least part of
> > the year... what could be better than low cost
> housing in the middle of
> > a nature preserve?
> A nature preserve without a housing complex.
> >There would be a long list of birders, naturalists
> > and people who want to live in a pristine area to
> get in there.
> I am sure that would be the considering factor on
> the housing application.
> >If the
> > housing was properly constructed... tenants would
> help track the bird
> > populations. what would the requirements be? Could
> something like this
> > be viable? I would consider my taxes well spent.
> Your taxes might also be well spent on this great
> idea to provide a wildlife
> sanctuary in the form of oil wells up in Alaska?
> Sorry, for being so sarcastic. I just would never
> trust humans to do the
> right thing in a situation like this. Human fixes or
> "improvements" rarely
> ever work.
> Jeremy

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